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Health Issues Centre publishes a journal entitled, Health Issues. It aims to analyse and report on the latest developments in health policy, research and practice, with particular focus on how these developments affect consumers.

Health Issues objectives are:

  • Critique health issues from the consumers' perspective
  • Provide a forum for dialogue between consumers, policy makers and service providers
  • Provide a forum for the voice of consumers and community-

How do I get a copy of the journal?
All members of Health Issues Centre will receive a copy of our journal. If you wish to become a member of the Health Issues Centre download the Health Issues Centre Membership Form

Health Issues from 2010 onwards can be downloaded from Informit. To see which journals are available, click on the link below.

Accessing older Health Issues Journal Articles
A Health Issues Journal Index 2000-2009 subject index of feature articles published in Health Issues journal between 2000 and 2009 is available.

Selected articles from Health Issues journal are available from this website. See the links below to search for articles by title or subject.

How do I contribute to the Health Issues Journal
Health Issues readers are as diverse as the health sector and so are their interests. So if you are involved in a health-related project, research, issue or organisation or you are a consumer, career or community member, why not write an article about it for Health Issues?

Health Issues Centre is happy to receive and consider unsolicited manuscripts for publication. Health Issues publishes Feature articles (2000-3000 words), News articles (500-1000 words), Opinion pieces (500-1500 words), and Book Reviews (500-1000 words).

To contribute to next edition
Contact our Journal Coordinator on 9664 9343 for details of forthcoming Journal themes and deadlines for contributions.

Author Guidelines
Author Guidelines for Health Issues Journal
or contact our Journal Coordinator, on 9664 9343

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